West San Jose, April 2018

My notes:  Utterly ordinary neighborhood on a Sunday afternoon. One neighbor is digging up the grass in her curb strip. Looks like hard work. The soil has become hard in the last month, surface moisture is gone. 

All part of a tract, the single-family houses are set back from the street. Most have been remodeled but remain unremarkable. Some retain the strong a-frame trim with gingerbread moulding.

Curb strips support trees if the usual varieties, none very large: palm, Chinese pistachio, liquid amber, ornamental plum. Lots of grass with border shrubs. No front yard fences and not very many cars.

I chose this pile because it’s outrageous in an otherwise moonscape-ordinary neighborhood. I spotted it from 2 blocks away. I think it’s mostly roses, and not all are blown out. Across the street are some gorgeous sticks and tree clippings.