Downtown, January 2018

My notes:  This neighborhood has a great feeling. People are out everywhere, walking dogs, walking to the step-up corner store, or just walking. 

Many large piles of material. It’s a beautiful day, perfect for trimming trees and cutting grass after two rainy weeks. I saw redwood trimmings, privet hedge, grass, ivy, nasturtium, grapefruit and much more. 

There are businesses and churches mixed with old and older houses, many in a state of proud decay. Some are lovingly maintained. Big lots and little and big trees everywhere create lots of interesting things to look at. Many houses set up from the street, giving more visual variation. 

On the other side of 13th it’s poorer, rougher but there are still lots of plants and big well-organized piles. 

People of all different backgrounds and nationalities live here. The train tracks run through at a diagonal. There is a homeless encampment by the tracks.