Amy Hibbs lives and works in San Jose, California. She creates community-based abstract artworks about specific places. Hibbs’ work depicts a three-way open dialogue between artist, specimen, and location. She collects plant material from city parks or yard waste piles, gathering impressions and stories of the place at the same time. Looking for relationship between the plants and the people, she returns to the studio where the plant specimens become the mark-making media. She has used this method to create a composite portrait of San Jose, visiting twelve major neighborhoods over twelve months and continues to explore the local environs both natural and urban. The series is titled Open Ground: Valley of Heart's Delighted. She views this practice as one of both artistic and civic engagement.

In Hibbs’ 3-dimensional works, other earth-bound materials also tell their story. Lines are represented by ropes, string, or cord, connecting one object to another as conduits for energy and meaning, directing the eye, and making a direct connection to drawing. 

Hibbs, whose background as a garden instructor strongly informs her work, studied horticulture with her mother, an expert and avid gardener. Hibbs obtained her M.F.A. in Studio Art from Mills College in Oakland. She is the recipient of the graduate affiliate award at the Headlands Center for the Arts.